Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Parallel vs Series Batteries

What are Parallel and Series Batteries?

Most portable electronic equipment uses batteries as the power source. If you want to get the voltage you want, we usually use a battery in the form of a series circuit. Examples of Battery Series Circuits that are often used in everyday life are the use of batteries in Television Remote Control and Flashlights. Usually, we will find instructions from the equipment to insert 2 or more batteries with the specified battery direction in order to turn on the equipment. In general, the battery circuit used is a series circuit.

Basically, Batteries can be connected in the Parallel or Series circuit. But the output produced from the parallel and series battery circuits will be different. Battery Parallel Circuit will increase the Current (Amperes) of the battery, but the Output Voltage (Volt) will still same. This is different from a series circuit, the battery will increase the battery output voltage (volts), while the current (amperes) will still same. For more details, let's look at the Parallel and Series Battery circuits below:

Parallel Battery Circuit

Parallel Battery Circuit

The picture above is the parallel battery circuit consisting of 4 batteries. The voltage generated from the Parallel Circuit is the same as the voltage of each battery, which is 1.5 Volts (the voltage value of each battery does not change). but the resulting current value from the parallel battery circuit above is 4,000 mAH (milliamperes per hour) this value is the result of the sum of all the electric current capacities of each battery in the parallel circuit battery.

Series Battery Circuit

Series Battery Circuit

Based on the second circuit picture above, From the 4 batteries, each of which with 1.5 Volts voltage and with current capacity 1000 milliamperes per hour (mAH) will produce 6 Volts voltage value, but the current capacity value will remain the same, namely 1000 milliamperes per hour. hours (mAH), equal to value of each battery.

Do you know, What is mAH ?

The mAH unit is the unit for battery capacity. So, what is mAH? Milliampere Hour or abbreviated mAH is a unit that states the ability of battery storage capacity within one hour.


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