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555 Timer IC Datasheet

What is 555 Timer IC ?

555 Timer IC Datasheet

IC Timer is a type of integrated circuit (IC) that is used in various electronic circuits that require timer and multivibrator functions. Waveform generators, frequency meters, digital clocks, counters, and other circuits all require timer ICs. The most popular timer IC today is the IC 555, which was developed by Hans R. Camenzind while working for Signetic Corporation in the 1970s. The 555 Timer IC is essentially a monolithic timer that generates Oscillation and Delay Time with high accuracy and stability.

The most common 555 Timer IC is the 555 Timer IC in the form of a DIP (Dual Inline Package) with 8 terminal legs. However, as technology progressed, we now have several versions of IC 555, such as IC 556, which combines two 555 ICs in one package (14 feet), IC 558, which combines four IC555 pieces in one package (16 feet), and IC555, which consumes low power, such as 7555 and TLC555.

The name IC 555 is derived from the three resistors in the IC package, each of which has a value of 5k ohm.

555 Timer IC Datasheet

The datasheets for various types of IC 555 are listed below :

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