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IC 741 OP-AMP Datasheet

Understanding of Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp)

IC741 OP-AMP Datasheet

An operational amplifier, also known as an Op-Amp, is a type of linear integrated circuit that serves as an electrical signal amplifier. An Op-Amp is made up of several Transistors, Diodes, Resistors, and Capacitors that are connected and integrated to produce high gain (gain) over a wide frequency range.

Op-Amps are typically packaged in IC form; an IC Op-Amp can consist of only one (one) Op-Amp circuit or several Op-Amp circuits. The number of Op-Amp circuits in a single IC package is classified as Single Op-Amp, Dual Op-Amp, or Quad Op-Amp. In addition to the other main circuit, there is an IC with an Op-Amp circuit.

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An Op-Amp circuit has two inputs, one inverting and one non-inverting, and one output (output). An Op-Amp also has two power supply connections, one for positive and one for negative power. The Op-Amp symbol is shaped like a triangle with input, output, and power supply lines as shown below. The IC741 is a very popular type of Op-Amp IC.

Here Below are Some IC741 Datasheets : 

LM 741 Datasheet


UA 741 Datasheet

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